5 Questions to Help You Assess Last Year’s Employee Benefit Renewal Process

by Kevin Ryan, Senior Vice President Throughout last year, you probably worked with a broker to renew your employee benefits plans. Your broker considered what changed in the marketplace, researched new and growing trends, and decided on a plan that they thought would benefit both your employees and your organization. Looking back, how did that … Continued

These 5 Employee Benefit Areas Should Have Your Attention this Quarter

  As an employer, a new year is an excellent time to take stock of where your organization stands when it comes to employee engagement priorities and plans. It’s the perfect moment to take a pulse check and look for opportunities to improve and up-level your efforts. But it can be daunting to figure out … Continued

Make Your End-Of-Year List and Check It Twice: Employers, Three 401(k) Questions to Ask Yourself

by Neil Tremblay, Managing Director December…it can truly be the most wonderful time of the year, unless, that is, you have yet to tackle your end-of-the-year deadlines for 401(k) employee benefit plans. It’s crucial to not only complete many of these tasks by December 31, but also get ahead by preparing for tax season going … Continued

Why the Transition from EDI to API is Crucial

by Lisa Johnson, Director of HR Technology If you have been working with technology vendors or benefits carriers, you have probably heard EDI and API pop up in conversation. But, what do these acronyms really mean, and why are they important to your business? EDIs (Electronic Data Interchanges) and APIs (Application Program Interfaces) help transfer … Continued

5 Steps to Creating a Company Culture That Sticks

by EBS, Employee Benefit Solutions Ping pong tables, unlimited vacation, and a closet of healthy snacks are all things that sound like the makings of great culture, but are those really the offerings that create ambassadors for your company and generate an enviable work environment? Offices are often plagued with extremes; either pride in a … Continued

The Cost of Prematurity, Recap of a BBJ and March of Dimes Event [Infographic]

The U.S. birthrate is at an all time low. Women are making choices to seek out spouses and start families later in life, which can increase the likelihood of premature birth. Last Friday, October 6, 2017, EBS’ Managing Partner, Paul Rooney, joined an esteemed group of panelists to discuss the true costs of premature babies … Continued

5 Reasons Why the Zenefits Model Doesn’t Work

by Lisa Johnson, Director of HR Technology As you may know, last year, Zenefits got knocked with a substantial amount of bad press, causing many business owners and benefits decision makers to second-guess whether or not leaving the traditional broker model was the right solution for their business. Zenefits earned its notoriety from their online … Continued

How to Decide If Self-Insurance Is Right For Your Company

by Kevin Ryan, Senior Vice President The perception that self-insurance is better for bigger businesses (and comes with obscure and complicated baggage) is slowly melting away as market conditions have stimulated an increased interest. Whether this risk management tool is implemented during an up or down insurance market cycle, the benefits of self-insurance remain consistent … Continued

Interview Part II of II: Companies Doing Flextime Right and What You Can Learn From Them

EBS recently interviewed Managing Principals at Flexwork Global, Karen Kelly & Emily Klein. Karen Kelly provides expertise in the design, development, and implementation of flex and mobile work programs with a focus on policy and procedure development and program design and management. Emily Klein helps companies achieve success by designing strategic workforce initiatives that strengthen mobility … Continued

Former Longfellow Financial / Arthur J. Gallagher VP Joins EBS

EBS Insurance Brokers in Newton, Massachusetts is excited to announce Kevin Ryan has joined our team of talented employee professionals as a Senior Vice President. Kevin joins EBS after 18 years with Longfellow Financial/Arthur J. Gallagher as an Area Vice President, consulting, educating and strategizing with clients on all their employee benefit needs. At EBS, … Continued