4 Keys to AI’s Future in Employee Benefits

 by Holly Wright, Director of HR Technology Artificial Intelligence holds a lot of promise in helping organizations better understand the needs of its employees. From gathering broad swaths of data (including turnover rates, the best times to hire, and employee demographics) to leaning on automation in the pursuit of a more efficient workforce, AI’s ability … Continued

5 HR Takeaways From EBS’ 3rd Annual Gillette Event: Reimagining Diversity & Inclusion

by Amy Allen, Partner at blumshapiro’s HR practice; EBS Gillette event moderator An enthralling and thoughtful discussion took place last Thursday at EBS’ third annual Gillette event where 100+ HR, people and talent leaders gathered to engage in a conversation that ultimately challenged us to ask ourselves, how are we defining diversity in the workplace … Continued

Panel Blog Series: Giving Every Employee a Voice: Inclusivity and Belonging in the Workplace

 by Kimberly Castelda, Chief People Officer of Bullhorn; EBS Gillette event panelist Company leaders understand that an inclusive company culture can lead to better retention and productive, happier employees. Employees even become more innovative when they feel they are included, according to a report by Forbes. More than ever before, organizational leaders are shifting their approach … Continued

Association Health Plans: What You Need to Know About the New Rule

by Paul Rooney, Managing Partner If you own a small business, you may be intrigued by the expected expansion of Association Health Plans under a new rule that got a stamp of approval from the Trump administration this spring. Will they meet your needs or the needs of your employees? Can they save you money? … Continued

Choosing Digital Health Solutions for Your Employee Benefits Package

 by Valeria Tivnan, Director, Population Health and Wellbeing In today’s employee benefits ecosystem, there are more digital health solutions available than ever before. From tools that help employees manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes, to nutrition apps that help them lose weight, employers are now able to offer solutions that truly support their employees’ overall … Continued

3 Things to Consider When Coming out of a PEO

by Joe Moran, Senior Partner & Business Development Manager Professional employer organizations (PEOs) can be a great option for smaller employers who typically outsource the bulk of their HR or employee management-related tasks like payroll, health benefits, workers compensation, training, compliance, and other areas. And oftentimes, small businesses may be able to leverage the scale … Continued

Massachusetts Equal Pay Act: Five Actions to Remain Compliant

by David Weaver, President at Compensation and HR Group, HR Thought Leader You’ve probably heard about the new amendment to employer labor laws that will be effective in Massachusetts beginning July 1, 2018. This new law, the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act, enacted to prohibit pay discrimination based on gender, has got many employers scrambling to make … Continued